Saturday, November 21, 2015


We very much appreciate the support of all those who have voted for our spa over the years!  We have been awarded Stratford's Favourite Spa since we opened - with our first award coming in 2007.  We love what we do and are glad you love it too!  Many thanks. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011


We are still getting asked if Erin has sold the business due to the name change.
Same Erin.
Same business.
New name.
e-spa Gift Certificates are still honoured.
This photo was taken during the build and she was working out of e-spa at 52 Albert Street.
e-spa 20 Cooper opened it's doors March 1, 2007 - which means the 4th Anniversary in this beautiful building is coming soon.
The change of name occured Oct.1/10.
But, that's the only thing that has changed.
Quality Esthetics ~ Superior Service remain the same.
Please call us - to help you, look after you!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Many thanks to all the wonderful people who have supported us on our journey with e-spa since it's beginning in 2006.
Since Oct.1/10, our name has officially been changed to The Spa Near the Tracks. Same owner, same staff, same excellent service - only the name has been changed.
With our unique location near the former Cooper/CNR Site, we have chosen to honour this piece of Stratford's history with our new name - while also addressing the excitement of the new University of Waterloo Campus rising in it's place.
Therefore, our brand new mission statement - connected to our brand new name is: "Honouring our Heritage; looking to our Future".
The past four years have been an exciting whirlwind of growth and we are standing on the edge of a future filled with hope. We are so glad you love what we do - because, we love doing it for you.
Hope to see you soon at The Spa Near the Tracks.
Please take care of you.
Sincerely -

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The nice construction men were in and informed us that, as of today, we are to use a driveway they have created off of St. Patrick Street - into The Parlour parking lot - exiting onto Cooper Street, which will allow us to access The Spa parking lot. I take this new development to mean that they are making progress - which is good.
So - we now approach The Spa via Erie Street rather than Downie Street. Got it!